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Thursday, 30 December 2010

You and Yours feature 23/12/10

You and Yours Radio 4 (around the 24.5 mark in the programme) Feature on the campaign with comment from the British Retail Consortium.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Property Week 17/12/10

Property Week coverage

Sunday Times 19/12/10

See this excellent Sunday Times article.

Significant Bristol Charity Retailer joins the campaign

St Peter's Hospice, Bristol’s largest charity retailer with around 50 shops within a 12 mile radius of the City Centre, has joined the Close the Door campaign!
Andrew Huffurd, Commercial Director, said:
"St Peters' commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly retailing is demonstrated each year by the sheer volume of secondhand goods it recycles through its chain of Bristol based shops. It was only natural therefore that we would do all we could to support the Close The Door campaign which has similar green concerns and principles to ourselves.”

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Park St Event in Bristol Today

Anyone within range of Bristol, please support Bristol Close the Door at their exciting launch event Folk House Cafe, Park Street, Bristol BS1 5JG. 17:30-18:30.

Kevin McCloud, Presenter, Grand Designs says:
‘All shops should sign up to the Close the Door Campaign. Leaving the door open in winter to heat the street can double energy consumption and make a pretty job of just heating the planet. So just close the door, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, halve energy bills, and make customers and staff more comfortable into the bargain"

Alistair Sawday, Author, Sawday's Guides says:
"If you have never been astonished by the gales of heated air emerging from the open doors of expensively heated shops, then you might have a look at your own energy bills!
Most of us now have developed a little environmental awareness, and care about this - but how rarely do we do anything about it? It is thus a delight to hear of the recent Park St success of the Close the Door campaign. All power to their elbows, and I wish them a rich encylopaedia of street names to add to this one."

Phil Holtam, Sue Pollard and members of BUST and Sustainable Redlands have put in a fantastic amount of very effective work - and got the backing of all those Bristol MP's and the Leader of the City Council.See the Bristol page

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ryman Join the Campaign

Please support Ryman and buy your stationery there!

The Campaign has had great help from Ryman, the stationery people,as they went out of their way to lend their Cambridge Store for the independent Cambridge University Engineering Department research study into energy loss through open shop doors.

Here's what they say:
"The people at Ryman were pleased to help with Close The Door Campaign’s research and support the objectives of the initiative.
It is good business practice to keep our customers and employees comfortable and conserve energy. At Ryman we keep our doors closed when our heating is on in the winter and likewise when air conditioning is in use in the summer."

Thursday, 9 December 2010

CtD Question in Welsh Assembly

To the Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing
1. William Graham (South Wales East): Will the Minister outline her considerations of the ‘Close the Door’ campaign

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

More Press! Independent

Independent 7/12/10

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

CtD at the Energy Committee of the London Assembly

Ctd was invited to speak in front of the Energy Committee of the London Assembly where we had a warm welcome!

The last two weeks!

We have had phenomenal press coverage and opportunies over the past two weeks, with the publication of the research results on figures for energy waste through open shop doors coinciding with the start of the very cold weather. The campaign has also had great help from so many people, all of whom we are very grateful to.

Rachel Lankester has handled the PR (including social media) brilliantly, and organised the chance to speak at the Energy Committee of the London Assembly. Find her at

CtD Early Day Motion in the House of Commons

See Early Day Motion for Close the Door last week and please encourage your MP to sign up!
So many thanks to MP Stephen Williams and the Bristol Close the Door group. Also to MPs Julian Huppert and Lorely Burt.

Endorsement from MP Andy Slaughter

"As winter descends on us in the UK, the number of shops one can see with their doors open and losing heat is striking. I support this campaign and believe that if more people do so then we can move towards a consumer attitude which favours a closed door policy

Andy Slaughter
Labour MP for Hammersmith

More press coverage: Times and LBC

The Times 6/12/10
"An open and shut case?
I support, wholeheartedly, the Close the Door campaign, which aims to get shops to keep their entrances shut in the cold weather to save energy. But what I want to know is whether, when it is colder outside your fridge than in it, you should leave the door open." Sathnam Sanghera

LBC Radio

Also Home heating Guide blog