Close the Door News

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Stephen Williams MP endorses the campaign

Bristol CtD have now received this!
‘I am delighted that the Close the Door campaign has come to Bristol. We all need to do our bit to save energy in order to reduce the risk of climate change. As winter and Christmas shopping will soon be upon us I urge all Bristol shop keepers and retailers to endorse the Close the Door campaign, saving energy and giving a positive message to their customers at the busiest time of the retail year.'
Stephen Williams MP LD Bristol West
His advice goes for everyone, everywhere!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Kerry McCarthy endorses the Campaign

Bristol CtD gets off to a great start with this endorsement:

“It is vital that we all take whatever steps we can to reduce our own carbon emissions and raise awareness of the need to do so. By making this one small change, retailers will not only be helping the environment, but also reducing their fuel bills. I am therefore backing the Close the Door Campaign and will be doing what I can to encourage local people and businesses to take part.”
Kerry McCarthy
Labour MP for Bristol East

Bristol CtD

Sue and Phil have already received endorsements from their MPs and are busy preparing for the autumn campaign. If you are in the Bristol area please support them by closing doors behind you if the shop is heated and having a polite word with the manager to tell them you know that the campaign has arrived in the city - this really makes a difference and will help their work!