Close the Door News

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Photos of open doors in the snow please

Please send in any really good pictures of open store doors with snow on the ground outside to Featuring the store sign if possible.

Your input needed

Please, please politely ask store staff - or even better the manager - to close their doors where you find them open. In this incredibly cold weather there is just no excuse for keeping them open and requests of this sort do get taken seriously and are often reported to Head Offices. Best of all, close doors where you find them open.

Radio 4, You and Yours, interview

Sian recorded an interview in Cambridge last week for Radio 4, You and Yours. Watch this blog for timing of the broadcast.

Carbon Trust in collaboration with CtD

The Carbon Trust and CtD are now collaborating. This will be hugely useful for both parties we hope!

Carbon Trust and British Retail Consortium join project steering group

The Carbon Trust and BRC are to be represented on the steering group for the CtD independent research project in Cambridge University.

Independent Research Project for CtD with University of Cambridge

In the late summer the Esmee Fairburn Foundation agreed to fund Close the Door to run an independent research project with the University of Cambridge Engineering Department on quantitative hard data gathering on energy lost through open doors - a huge step forward with potentially very wide application. The research has now begun - it looks very exciting, using cutting edge technology. We've had requests for the data from Europe, Canada and the States as well as the UK.

York City takes off

Ann Petherick and Dr David Medio won a grant from York City Council this autumn to start work in earnest on Close the Door in York.