Close the Door News

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hi everybody, despite the long misleading silence a lot has gone on over the summer. Prof Sir David King has endorsed the campaign with:

I fully support Close the Door as there is an urgent need to do everything we can to reduce carbon emissions. UK business is in many ways prepared to lead the way and in asking retailers to close their door while using heating or air conditioning, this campaign addresses an area of waste that we often overlook. It is an easy and effective way to cut energy waste and I encourage both retailers and customers to support it.

and cross party support has continued - see these:

"I am delighted that this initiative represents one of many good and innovative ideas coming out of the region I represent. It is absolutely critical that we all pay attention to reducing energy use
and emissions. Retailers who keep their doors open while heating or cooling the store are wasting significant amounts of energy. Whether retailers or customers, we can stop this by simply closing the shop door. It is that easy. Excuses based on tempting customers into shops through open doors are not acceptable or sensible in this time of global warming and fuel crisis. The campaign started in Cambridge which now has over 250 stores of all sizes keeping the door closed, and other cities are following. Keeping the door closed against energy waste clearly need
not cause retail hardship.
Please join me in supporting the Close the Door campaign "
Andrew Lansley MP

" It is crucial that we all act to prevent energy waste wherever possible. No one heats their home and leaves the doors and windows wide open and yet we tend to overlook what happens in shops. Keeping the door closed while energy is being used to heat or cool a shop is
easy, effective and common sense. Not doing so is wholly irresponsible. We all have a part to play in this whether working in the retail sector or as customers. I encourage everyone to join me in lending support to the Close the Door Campaign "
Charles Clarke MP

"I fully support the Close the Door Campaign, and am very pleased to see Exeter at the forefront of another good campaign. I hope this will encourage the retail sector and customers alike to act responsibly in keeping doors closed while energy is being used to heat/cool a store. Preventing energy waste is critical to us all, and this is an easy and effective step at very little inconvenience. Please support those shops which close their doors to conserve energy"
Ben Bradshaw MP