Close the Door News

Monday, 14 April 2008

Website goodness

The positive side of the unfortunate downtime yesterday is that there have been several changes to the website which should improve the experience for all visitors. I thought I'd walk you through them.

Firstly, our new Participating Retailers pages are now live. The old ones had to be updated via a completely manual process. At the rate we've been adding retailers recently, even updating the Cambridge list was becoming arduous - and with local campaigns now starting up in several cities, the process was clearly not going to scale. Instead, the new ones are directly generated from our master campaign database with the touch of a button. As a side effect, this also allows us to do useful things like add maps showing the progress of the campaign - check out the Cambridge pages for an example. It's just one example of some serious prep we've been doing behind the scenes to gear up for a major national campaign.

Secondly, our old website did the job, but it generated pages in quite a technically inefficient way. We were worried that if we attracted major publicity it might overload our web host and not hold up to a sudden rush of traffic. We've made some changes to the way it works which should completely resolve this. As a visitor, you might have noticed the site could be a little sluggish before - this should now be gone completely.

Some of you may be wondering why we're worrying about the effects of major publicity. Well might you ask. Watch this space...